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Pros And Cons Of Mortgage

Pros And Cons Of Mortgage

Posted By on Jan 29, 2016

Y es, mortgage has its advantages and disadvantages like any other loan. There is no loan that doesn’t have those things because people must offer something new to the market, but they also have to cutback on some things in order to run profitable business. Due to the size of mortgage loans it is not strange that they can only be repaid in installments-monthly payment which consist from part of the capital and portion of the interest. There are some lenders that offer interest only mortgages which represent mortgages that are repaid a bit differently. Every month you will pay only for interest on that loan, while you will repay it in lump sum at the end of repayment period. Now let us jump on pros and cons of this loan type.

Mortgage is maybe the only way through which you can buy a house with your medium range salary. Buying a house is your greatest expense, and you will probably never face such big step in your life after that. Due to repayment time of mortgages it is possible to buy a house with it and then repay it for the most part of your life. Indeed, average repayment time of first time mortgages is around 25 years, but you can take mortgage loan and repay it for 30 or more years as well. But aiming at long term mortgage loans is not good for your wallet. Yes, installments will be smaller, but interest rate will go up. By picking 20 years instead of 25 years of repayment period you will save thousands of dollars you would have paid for higher rate of interest.

In reality mortgages have very low interest rates and that is possible due to the fact that mortgages are secured loans. Secured loan has your own property as collateral so if you fail to repay it there are sources of money that can cover that.  There are organizations that will help you find a house and manage your mortgage repayment and you should use their services as much as you can.

But there are some disadvantages those mortgage loans have, and most important of them is that you will pay a lot more than you have taken.  How much you will overpay can’t be seen in installments, but if you look at final amount you will understand that. 5 percent of the interest rate doesn’t seem a lot and you would think that it is really good deal. Well for a 25 year repayment period loan it is a good deal, but you will pay almost double amount back. For example if you take 160 000 dollars in mortgage loan with those terms you will pay back around 280 000 dollars. A lot There are also costs for paperwork and other things when you are taking a loan. Every loan will have some processing fees, and they can go up to few thousand dollars. And then there are penalties and additional fees for dealing with your mortgage early and so on.

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No matter if you have earned, won or inherited a certain amount of money, you have the opportunity to either spend it on something immediately, or save all or the rest of it, either for a specific purpose or as a backup. You can choose to save the money in cash and store it somewhere in your home, but it is more common today that the money is deposited onto the savings account in a bank.

All banks offer the opportunity of opening and using a savings account, and there are different types of the savings accounts. The interest rates, maximum amount of deposit and withdrawal restrictions depend on a bank, and they differ from one bank to the other. Just like all types of savings, playing your money onto a savings account has both advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most obvious advantages is that the money is more secure when deposited onto the bank account than when it is kept at home in cash. In case of a robbery or a disaster such as fire or flood, your money will be kept in a safe place if you put it into a savings account. Another advantage is that savings accounts always come with an interest rate, which varies from bank to bank. However, very bank offers it, so when you place the money into the savings account, you can accrue the interest over the years and eventually withdraw a larger amount of money than you have initially deposited.

Even though most banks have a withdrawal restriction period, the money you put in the savings account will always be available to you in case of the emergency or for major purchases such as buying a car or a house, which is another advantage of such accounts. What else is to be considered as a major advantage is that the savings account are insured by FDIC, which makes them the safest accounts the banks have to offer.

When it comes to disadvantages, we will point out the withdrawal restrictions first. It is a period during which you will not be able to withdraw the money, and it usually lasts from 3 to 6 months, even though it can be even longer. In case of some banks, you have the right to withdraw the money at any time in case of the emergency, but with some other banks and other types of savings accounts, you need to pay penalties if you withdraw the money before the restriction period has expired.

Another disadvantage is that the savings accounts usually have withdrawal limits, which means that there is a restricted number of times you can withdraw the money from the account. Also, there is usually a minimum balance prescribed, which means that you can only open a savings account if you have a certain amount of money to deposit. Lastly, even though there is interest on the money deposited into the savings account, they tend to drop each year, so if you do not save a very large amount of money, you may actually not be able to earn a very large sum on the interest.

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As I have said in the title above this article won’t have some big subject on which I will focus, but it will be general rattle about problems people face with payday loans and some other smaller subjects I deem worthy to get a place in this article.

Let’s start with hackers and easy way they steal money through online payday loan sites. Cyber criminal is omnipresent problem on the web, but I will not go into cyber bullies and similar imaginary problems. slide_04As you all know hackers attack different sites for different reasons and sites that work with money transactions are targets of hackers who want to earn some quick money while doing nothing. Payday loan sites are their primary target, even though there are sites like PayPal and bank accounts which can be accessed online which have bigger money flow. But those sites are protected with strong cyber defenses which protect their customers from those attacks. Those defenses are strong due to money that is invested in them, money online payday loans sites don’t have or money they don’t want to invest in those cyber defenses. Lack of those defenses makes it easy work for hacker to hack into those sites and steal personal information from customers of that lender. Part of that information can be used for extraction of money from the bank accounts of the borrowers, and it is made easier with lenders who require bank accounts of their borrowers as collateral.

Some sites go bad over the course of time, or they are overtaken by people who will use any means to get some cash. Or they simply sell all data of the customer to third parties. payday-loansOne of these things has happened with Payday Loan Yes organization. I sifted through over 150 comments about this site and they are not good. Until several years ago this online payday loans site was normal online lending site giving short term loans with high interest rate and so on. Problems with this site or rather with connections with this site began half a year to a year ago. People started receiving calls in which people reminded them and required that they had to pay loans, which were taken from this lender, all of which were made several years ago. And the number of those calls was staggering. People have said that the caller has all info about their past loans, but they also say that those loans have been paid. This is a case of breach of contract in which the personal information of those people was leaked to third party who is commonly called phantom debt collector.2

Third subject I want to touch is the web of debt some lenders are using to trap a borrower in series of loans. In this case borrower will extend the amount of time for the borrower to return the loan, but he will increase interest rate for that. And if that loan is paid before its repayment date penalties are issued along the increased rate. These forces the borrower to take another loan to cover the expenses of the last loan and it continues like that.

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Spotloan – Payday loans

Spotloan – Payday loans

Posted By on Jan 18, 2016

When it comes to applying for money from low interest rates, online payday loans web pages can pay off over a few months in several ways. Here Spotloan comes into play. These guys are offering you particularly favorable short-loans – with a strong focus on fairness and trust! Quick loans, also known by the term short-term loans or instant loans are an interesting alternative to traditional installment loans of banks. In Spotloan you can apply for 100 up to 500 $ that you repay comfortably after only one or two months per short credit individually definable amount of money. They do demand from you to have documentation which is very important, because they – unlike many banks – their customers trust and rely on mutual fair play. Even so you will never bind longer than necessary with them and take advantage of the credit as long as you actually need the money.

Point of it all is that the Short loans of Spotloan worthwhile in several ways: They have, despite really simple way of getting loans, can make low interest advantage and need a few months no longer thought of the borrowed money to waste.

Are you in the need of short credit? Simply apply and profit directly!

Their short credit is always useful when you need to survive a short-term financial problems and therefore need a manageable amount of money – for the exchange of the broken refrigerator, the car invoice or high extra costs supplementary payment to the landlord. Also, if you have to pay something to your dentist for dental treatment, you can fall back on a short Spotloan credit to both gaps to fill in the teeth and resulting in short-term financial characterized hole.

It is only important that you can repay the money without difficulty after one or two months, so in the near future pending a salary and it is important that you respect your deadlines. You can ask for the Spotloan short credit directly online, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Payments find but instead always only on weekdays. Their short-term loans are not consumer loans, but designed specifically for the international financing.

Please bear this in mind before you apply the desired amount of money. As tempting as it may be, to meet a new smart phone, a holiday trip or comparable expenditure with a loan – this short loans are not suitable. In addition, it prohibits their Fair Deal principle to grant loans to over applicants and thereby contribute further foreseeable difficulties with creditors.

Meeting these criteria not apply to you and all you need is money at favorable interest rates for a month or two, you should definitely apply to this credit. These short credits are really useful and you can use it for everything as I formerly said. You should check it all out if you are in the need of it. Whether you are looking for car or going to the dentist, these credits will always come to help you.

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